New Year (2017)

Sorry everyone, I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a very eventful couple of weeks. Life has been great and very significant changes have happened. Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’m going to start with a story of something that happened to me yesterday. Since moving to Oxnard I tend to wander around the area. I went to a sports bar to watch the Rams game, even though I was really sick(terrible idea by the way). While I was there sitting watching the game, three random woman ended up sitting by me. One just wanting to watch the game, and the other two were mother and daughter just getting drinks. As the night went on we all ended talking and becoming friends.

Unfortunately for me my voice was practically gone and so I tried to avoid complex conversations. Didn’t really work because they all wanted to cheers me and talk to me(people seem to feel comfortable around me). As the night went on we talked about various topics, superpowers, jobs, my inability to cheers properly, and more. Two topics that really gave me clarity in my life at that moment though were about what happened last year, and what we want to do in the future.

I’ll start with how we talked about the year 2017. When we talked about year 2017, I realized that me and the daughter had terrible new year’s hangovers, and shared the same goal of starting 2018. Start as low as possible, in order to make everything else seem an improvement from where we started. It seemed life 2017 was terrible for everyone as they seemed to focus on the negatives. When they asked me how the year went I didn’t want to focus on the negatives because I didn’t want to share to much about my life. So I just told them the positives as they are usually easier to explain. I told them about graduating college, getting a new job, buying a new car( A Bimmer!!) and so on. Telling them these things really helped me as I was really struggling with seeing positives with how my life was heading. I seemed to have lose track of how fortunate I was and how hard I worked to reach almost every goal I had made for myself when I graduated high school.

I feel many people do this as well, focusing on what they didn’t achieve, or what they lost, causing them to be blinded on the things they learned, the things the achieved, the experiences they had, and the people they met. This really got to me and made understand that there needs to be a balance of seeing the negatives, to understand what they could have done better. It is very important to focus on the positives not forget the people you met and to grow those relationships, to see the goals you did reach and see what doors you have opened from achieving those goals.

The next topic was about what we want to do in the future. I started this one as I am someone who loves to plan for the future and I am always visualizing my future as well as others. I talked about what I wanted to do and talking about it I realized that I was bouncing around a lot, I wanted to do everything from social media marketing, website design, to app creation. The daughter pointed it out to me, as well and told me she was the same way earlier. She explained from that she realized she didn’t know what she wanted to do in the future and was just kind of waiting to figure it out while she worked. This really gave me a lot of clarity in that I need to focus on one thing and finish it or realize that I’m not interested in it and stop burdening myself on that endeavor. I have to stop thinking and preparing myself on my goal and just do it. There is only so much foundation you can lay down before you can start. It’s better to be the person who goes and runs a race and get’s last, than the person who doesn’t because they want to get first someday. Not sure if that was a good metaphor but I hope you get the point.

What I need to do is really choose what I want to do, create a plan on what are the first steps, and start it. I can’t use the excuse of not having enough money or not having the knowledge to start the project. I’m smart and have a good job, and don’t have someone waiting for me at home. This is just about me though, I think everyone needs to see this and understand that no matter your circumstances, there are people in worse circumstances doing a lot more, and thinking about it a lot less they are just doing. They are just taking action and making adjustments as they learn. Eminem started his rap career while taking care of a child and had a job, and was in out of places to live.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you liked it. I know this was a long one.

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