So here you can see a more organized version of my past and future goals. For the more straight forward person this might suit you best. So lets start with my timeline(I am still early in my life so this will be fairly short) we will start with me as a kid, and continue on there tracking my goals.

1994-2013 — Status: Between this range I am a baby all the way to a senior in High school. My dream graduating high school was to be a professional long distance runner. My overall goal though was to get into College (Also make a difference).

Accomplished: I got accepted into college.

2013-2017 — Status: I Am going through college.


  1. 1.Have at least 2 internships.
  2. 2.Make a difference.
  3. 3.Get a job that where you are making at least $$$$$$$$$(ssshhhh its a secret 😉 ) right out of college.
  4. 4.Graduate College

Accomplished: I accomplished all four.

Future goals:

  1. Reach a senior level position by 25.
  2. Create a secondary source of income
  3. Make your first Million by 30